About us

Company history

Our company KOVOHUTĚ ROKYCANY, a.s. gradually evolved from a small manufacturer of agricultural implements, through the production of artillery shells up to today's modern manufacturer of Cu and Ni alloys. With the years the company has gradually built up a foundry with open furnaces, equipment for continuous casting rods and vacuum furnaces for high-quality nickel-based alloys and superalloys, manufacturing and machine shop drawn bars and pipes and rolling mill equipped with rolling machine Duo, Quartet, the 20-cylinder, annealing furnaces slitting line, polishing line etc.. We are so ready to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

1911 - August 10 based entrepreneur Rudolf Hudlicky trade in the production of agricultural tools

1914 Change of ownership - Edwin Eisner bought trade

1922 Company renamed "Factory for cartridges and metal goods Rokycany" - start production of brass artillery shells

1924 Introduced production of brass and copper sheets, rods and tubes

1940 In the 2nd World War II, the plant was subordinated to the Group H. Goering Werke

1946 Start of production of bronze sheets, wires and strips; nickel wires and strips; bimetallic strips

1955 Cancels production of cartridges and self-lubricating bushings

1993 The company was privatized  and changed its name to KOVOHUTĚ ROKYCANY, a.s.

2003 Company acquires quality system certification according to ISO TS 16949 from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited.

2010 The company was purchased Mr. Šmíd, owner of the company ROSSO STEEL, a.s.

2016 The company starts mass production of nickel-based superalloys